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A40/3 COMAND actuation, display and control unit
The Cockpit Management and Data System (COMAND) includes the function of a navigation system.
COMAND can be operated using the buttons on the multi-function steering wheel. It supplies data for display in the instrument cluster (A1). A point to note in this connection is that the instrument cluster (A1) links the incoming pushbutton operations with the current menu setting at the multifunction display (A1p13) and, as appropriate, transmits a corresponding CAN message to the COMAND actuation, display and control unit (A40/3).
The head unit features a video-compatible LCD color display in TFT technology with graphics capability.

Another new feature in the 463 model series is the SMS (short message service) function

  between COMAND and the telephone. This feature is achieved by a new databus protocol which permits package-oriented data transport in the D2B control channel.

The 6-CD changer is housed in the left of the cargo area.

The radio antenna amplifier module (1) is integrated above the left luggage compartment window (2). The CTEL/AMPS antenna is positioned on the roof. The GPS antenna is located under the left front headlamp cover. An additional emergency antenna for Tele Aid is located on the left and right hand sides of the rear bumper.

Reception is improved by positioning the amplifier module directly at the base of the antenna.
Antenna configuration in the left-hand cargo area


1   Radio antenna
2   Left luggage compartment window



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