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82.85 Cockplt management and data system (COMAND), general

The model 215 Cockpit Management and Data System (COMAND) is virtually identical to the COMAND in model 220.

COMAND enables the following systems to be operated centrally and uniformly.

  • Radio
  • Integrated CD player
  • Sound system
  • Navigation
  • Cellular telephone

The COMAND actuation/display control module (A40/3) is the central component of the COMAND system.

Some functions can also be activated using the multifunction steering wheel buttons. It should be noted that all button activations on the multifunction steering wheel are initially read in by the instrument cluster (A1). The instrument cluster (A1) combines the incoming button operations with the current menu setting on the multifunction indicator (A1 p13) and sends appropriate CAN messages to the COMAND actuation/display control module (A40/3).

A40/3 Command actuation/display control module

(Based on Model 220)